Code of Ethics Di Mano in Mano

Di Mano in Mano is a company based on Mutuality cooperative which aims to act for the pursuit of the general interest of the community, human promotion and the social integration of citizens.

Born in 1999 from the experience of the communities of Villapizzone and Castellazzo (Mondo Comunità e Famiglia), the Di Mano in Mano Cooperative creates job opportunities for its members, proposing to create a welcoming work environment, sensitive to family needs and which favors the individual and family well-being of those who work in it .
The activity is of Di Mano in Mano, initially dedicated mainly to evictions and the recovery of assets, over the years it has been developed; specialized in buying and selling – also online - of antique, design and modern furniture, paintings and works of art, in the restoration of conservative and environmentally friendly assets, becoming today, with about 60 members and dozens of job placements every year, one of the realities in the sector. more important companies in the sector in Italy.
The Cooperative is inspired by and acts on the basis of the principles of mutuality, solidarity, democracy, community spirit and links with the local area.
Always attentive to the needs of the community; and to the many frailties; of society, the Cooperative collaborates with the Social Services and with various local associations, in a spirit of sharing the work and the resulting results.
The Cooperative has promoted and implemented internally and in the course of its business; the sensitivity; towards ethics in behavior and in business working environment, considering correctness in internal and external relations as a fundamental criterion with which to standardize every action and directing all of its activities towards the future. the promotion of a way of life aware of the limited resources that avoid waste and that is oriented towards the reduction of consumption, the reuse and recycling of used objects and materials.

On the occasion of the activity of conformity verification; of the organizational and internal control system to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001, it was decided to proceed with the collection and publication of the rules and ethical and behavioral principles, which since the establishment, have shaped relations with personnel as well as with towards third parties and which, more in general, they characterize the performance of the business activity; corporate.
These principles are contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct (hereinafter the “Code of Ethics”), which forms an integral part of the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 adopted by the Cooperative (hereinafter also “ Model 231".
The Cooperative hopes for the spontaneous sharing, adherence and dissemination of this Code of Ethics and requires its observance and application by every individual who works on its behalf or who comes into contact with the Cooperative itself, also providing the application of disciplinary and contractual sanctions for any violations.


The principles of the Code of Ethics must inspire the members of the Cooperative's Board of Directors in any decision or action relating to its management; likewise the General Coordination, in giving concrete implementation to the activity of the of management of the Cooperative, must be inspired by the same principles, also in order to represent a reference model for the employees and collaborators of the same.
Employees and all those who maintain collaborative relationships with the Cooperative, such as collaborators, consultants, suppliers, are required to adapt their behavior to the provisions and principles of the Code of Ethics and not to take initiatives in conflict with the Code itself.
In particular, the recipients of the Code of Ethics are required to comply with the provisions and principles contained therein even if they are expressed as behavioral criteria of the Cooperative and not as precepts addressed directly to the recipients themselves.


From Hand to Hand is a great choice. aware of the importance for the community and of the social significance of the activities of the community. carried out, inspired for these reasons by the ethical principles set out below, which requires compliance by all parties involved.
In its work, it acts transparently and honestly towards partners, suppliers, customers and citizens. With one's own action, it feeds social networks and enhances the ability to communicate. individuals, helping to strengthen a climate of trust and free enterprise. In fact, the Cooperative contributes to affirming the values ​​of solidarity; and equity social, with the aim of creating virtuous synergies that improve the living conditions of the members and, more in general, of the individuals who participate in the activities; of the Cooperative itself.
Membership of the Cooperative is voluntary and does not constitute a means to operate social, political, racial or religious discrimination.

The ethical objectives of the Cooperative are:
- Realize the principle of mutuality, through voluntary cooperation aimed at providing job opportunities for members, in a welcoming work environment, sensitive to family needs and well-being, identifying those who work in it;
- protect the right of individuals to have their individuality recognized; and their needs, repudiating all forms of discrimination;
- improve living conditions and integration into the community; of individuals who are members of the Cooperative or who collaborate with it;
- produce utilities; that value themselves on the market, guaranteeing transparency, efficiency and commitment;
- promote the inclusion of people with socio-cultural, behavioral or psychic disabilities as well as those with disabilities of subjects who find themselves in situations of serious hardship and without a cultural, social and educational environment suited to their needs.

The Cooperative operates in compliance with Community, national and international regulations, rejecting any illegal practice.
In fact, Di Mano in Mano has as an essential principle the respect of the laws and regulations in force and all the activities carried out by the company. must therefore be based and carried out in compliance with current legislation, requiring compliance by its shareholders, directors, employees in general and by anyone who performs, in any capacity, representation functions, even de facto, Di Mano in Mano, in this perspective, undertakes to supervise, prevent and prevent behaviors that may also constitute the simple prerequisite for the commission of crimes.

The Cooperative interprets the market as a place of production of wealth, of respect for health and the environment, of development of the social economy. It acts in the market not only in compliance with the laws, but according to the principles of justice and utility for its members and for the community.
The Cooperative undertakes to ensure that in its  corporate organization the pre-established objectives, both general and individual, of the shareholders, managers and employees or collaborators who work for it, are focused on a possible, specific, measurable result and related to the time foreseen for its achievement.
Di Mano in Mano considers its image and reputation as values ​​that must be protected and developed, also as a common heritage, through the full dissemination, sharing and observance of the ethical and behavioral principles contained in this code.

No behavior contrary to current legislation, this Code of Ethics or internal regulations, put in place by government bodies or sector managers and in general by all employees and collaborators, in the execution of the tasks or assignments assigned, can considered justified and involves the adoption of sanctions, even if motivated by the pursuit of an interest of the Cooperative.
Di Mano in Mano considers the impartiality of of treatment a fundamental value in the context of every relationship both internal and external to the Cooperative, and also considers the individual, his values ​​​​and his rights, intangible values ​​to be protected.
The Cooperative expects from its employees and collaborators behaviors characterized by principles of responsibility, loyalty, honesty, availability, creativity and and transparency, with a view to collaboration, solidarity and and knowledge exchange.

According to Di Mano in Mano, the partner is; the original nucleus of every form of mutuality; and represents the first concrete reference of cooperative action.
The main resource of the cooperation is the represented by the individuals who are part of it: Di Mano in Mano values ​​its work, stimulates and recognizes its creativity, professionalism, ability to to work together to achieve common goals.
Cooperation considers pluralism an added value; in the relationships it maintains with other economic, political and social forces, it therefore respects their nature, as well as their nature. opinion and culture.
In order to fully and continuously implement the contents of the Code of Ethics, the Cooperative adopts appropriate methods of communication to third parties and prepares periodic training and awareness programs on the Code and on ethical issues for all operators and collaborators.


Members are the fundamental asset of the Cooperative. Di Mano in Mano promotes the involvement and participation of shareholders in the decisions within their competence, ensuring compliance with the criteria of equality, transparency, clarity and integrity; information regarding the company situation and progress, as well as the right of access to such information.

Considering the fundamentally important role played by the Members, the Cooperative sets itself the objectives of:
- promote the work of the Members, improve their professional and working conditions;
- create new opportunities, even for fragile subjects;
- favor the assumption of responsibility; by the Members and their participation in the governance of the company, according to the principles of mutuality; that belong to it;
- enhance the social enterprise through its ability to to invest and innovate.

The Cooperative requires that the Members, the Heads of the sectors and the employees maintain a correct and transparent conduct in the performance of their function, especially in relation to any request made by the Board of Directors, the SB of the other corporate bodies and any company ; auditors in the exercise of their respective institutional functions.
The operators of the Cooperative are called to respect and protect the corporate assets, diligently using and safeguarding the assets entrusted to them in the context of the management activity. institutional.
It is it is forbidden to carry out any act, simulated or fraudulent, aimed at influencing the will of the person; of the members of the shareholders' meeting to obtain the irregular formation of a majority and/or a resolution different from the one that would have been produced.

Responsibility of directors and statutory auditors
The members of the corporate bodies must bring their activity into line with the to the principles of correctness, transparency and integrity, refraining from acting in situations of conflict of interest in the context of the business; carried out by them.
The members of the bodies of the Cooperative are entitled to behavior inspired by the principles of autonomy and independence is also required. It is they are required to participate diligently and informedly in the activities of the organization. cooperative; they are required to make confidential use of the information they become aware of for office reasons and cannot make use of their position to obtain direct or indirect personal advantages.

The Administrators are entitled to forbidden to:
- return the contributions to the Shareholders or release them from the obligation to make them, except in cases of legitimate reduction of the share capital;
- distribute profits or advances on profits not actually achieved or allocated by law to reserves, or distribute non-distributable reserves according to current legislation.
Loyalty obligations and confidentiality bind these subjects even after the termination of the relationship with the Cooperative.


Employee Relations
All staff are professional. hired with a regular employment contract, in application of current legislation, the adopted national collective labor agreement and company regulations; is not serious; any form of irregular work is permitted.
Subjects undergoing an internship are placed within the Cooperative by virtue of of a specific agreement stipulated with the third-party provider, which also provides for the possible payment of a reimbursement of expenses or indemnity for the activity lent to the Cooperative.
In the case of subjects in occupational therapy regimen, the activity is it is carried out in the context of a mere de facto relationship, the duration and modality of which is variable. of course & egrave; defined exclusively in function of the finalities; and therapeutic results.
The Cooperative pays the utmost and constant attention to the enhancement of human resources. To this end, consider the dedication and honesty of the company. the fundamental principles for recruitment and professional growth prospects. It promotes the dignity, equality and well-being of each individual, rejecting any form of illegal, child or forced labour.
One of the purposes main features of the Cooperative is; that of recognizing and promoting the social value of work: it sets as its objective the ability to; to understand the needs of the community, with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups; vulnerable population, working to offer adequate responses that respect the individuality of the population. of each person who enters into a relationship with it. The Cooperative promotes conduct that complies with the principle of enhancing the value of the person and development paths of professionalism individual, also in order to improve the quality of the of the lives of people in a state of hardship.
Di Mano in Mano is committed to protecting the integrity of the company. psycho-physics of the employees, respecting their personality.
Relations with employees are governed by the principles of civil coexistence and must take place in mutual respect for the rights and freedoms of each other. of people; employees are required to implement a conduct that is constantly respectful of the rights and personality of the employee. of colleagues, collaborators and third parties, regardless of their hierarchical position within the Cooperative.

Equal opportunities
Each and every decision relating to the acquisition and use of the company's human resources will be made by the decision maker. evaluated without any type of discrimination and with respect for equal opportunities.
Di Mano in Mano prohibits any type of harassment – wherever and however exercised – in working relationships between its employees, collaborators and consultants. It does not deem eligible, nor will tolerate forms of discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, religion, physical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, ethnic origin, political or trade union membership or any other discrimination contrary to the law.
Any violation of these principles will be prosecuted. prosecuted, where known, with protective legal actions, identified from time to time.

Relationships with external collaborators and consultants
Di Mano in Mano proceeds with the identification and selection of external collaborators (such as assistants, agents, representatives, etc.) and consultants with absolute impartiality, autonomy and independence of judgment, considering the competence, professionalism and and ethics essential elements.
Employees and all those who maintain relationships with external collaborators and consultants must observe the procedures or policies of the Cooperative on the subject, providing for their dissemination and knowledge.
Di Mano in Mano expects external collaborators and consultants to behave in compliance with the applicable legislation.
Behaviors contrary to the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics and current legislation can be considered a serious breach of the duties of correctness and good faith in the execution of the contract, a reason for harming the relationship of trust and just cause for termination of contractual relations.

Customer Relations
Di Mano in Mano, in carrying out its business; and in managing customer relations, it scrupulously complies with the provisions of the law, the principles of this Code of Ethics, the principles of conduct and the control measures envisaged by the Organizational Model and internal procedures, and requires its employees and collaborators to avoid any situation of conflict of interest, with the aim of maximizing the added value with the customer, considered company assets.
The Cooperative is; actively engaged in maintaining high standards of quality; of the products supplied, in compliance with all the rules aimed at protecting fair competition.
All offers, communications and all contracts signed by Di Mano in Mano must be clear, complete and compliant with current regulations so as not to overlook any relevant element for the purposes of the Customer's final decision. In relation to the customer they are always adopted
behaviors of availability, respect and courtesy, in order to establish a highly professional collaborative relationship.
It is in any case, it is forbidden to promise or pay sums of money or other benefits; to representatives and/or employees of customers or potential customers (or to people close to them) with the aim of to promote or favor the interests of Di Mano in Mano, even following unlawful pressure.
The Cooperative pays close attention to ensuring that the technical and commercial information provided to its customers corresponds to the actual content of the goods and services offered.

Relations with suppliers
In relations of supply of goods and provision of services intended and not for sale, Di Mano in Mano operates in compliance with the law, the principles of this Code, the principles of conduct and the control measures envisaged by the Organizational Model and procedures internal adopted.
The Cooperative requires its suppliers and sellers to respect the ethical principles corresponding to its own.
Employees in charge of relations with suppliers and service providers must proceed with the selection of the same and with the management of the related relationships according to criteria of impartiality and correctness, avoiding situations of conflict of interest, even potential, with the same. The choice of suppliers must be made on the basis of criteria of professionalism, economy, transparency and greater advantage for the Cooperative.
It is in any case, it is forbidden to promise or pay sums of money or other benefits; to representatives and/or employees of suppliers or potential suppliers or vendors (or to people close to them) with the aim of to promote or favor the interests of Di Mano in Mano, even following unlawful pressure.
All suppliers and sellers, as well as any Person who works with them in the name of the Cooperative, are held to the utmost transparency, correctness and respect for the law.

Protection of trademarks, patents, licenses and intellectual property
The protection of own or third party trademarks, patents, licenses and intellectual property is mandatory. considered of primary importance and is therefore, any conduct aimed at their alteration and counterfeiting is therefore prohibited. to its unauthorized reproduction, dissemination, sale or use.
The Cooperative undertakes to comply with the legislation in force on the subject by prohibiting its employees and/or representatives from purchasing goods intended for subsequent resale that are counterfeited and/or bear altered trademarks, both for the protection of the property industrial and to protect the customer, in respect of whom there is an obligation to provide truthful and transparent information about the quality, origin and characteristics of the goods being sold.

Relations with the Public Administration
Di Mano in Mano adopts in relations with the Public Administration, with Entities that carry out business activities; of public utility or of public interest or in any case relating to relations of a public nature, the most strict observance of applicable community, national and company regulations.
The management of negotiations, the assumption of commitments and the execution of relationships, of any kind, with the Public Administration, with Entities that carry out business activities; of public utility or in the public interest or in any case of relationships of a public nature are reserved exclusively for the corporate functions for this purpose; appointed and/or authorized.
In relations with the Public Administration Di Mano in Mano, and on behalf of this each employee, collaborator or consultant, must not try to improperly influence the decisions of the institution concerned, in order to obtain the fulfillment of acts in conformity with or contrary to the duties of office. It is in any case, it is forbidden to promise or pay sums of money or other benefits; to representatives and/or public employees (or to people close to them) with the aim of to promote or favor the interests of Di Mano in Mano, even following unlawful pressure.
It is it is forbidden to allocate for purposes; other than those for which grants, subsidies or loans obtained from the State or other public body, including European ones, have been granted, even if of modest value or amount.

Relations with the authorities – of supervision and control
Di Mano in Mano marks its relations with the authorities inspections and controls to the fullest collaboration in full respect of their institutional role, undertaking to avoid any behavior that may in some way or measure hinder, limit or mislead the activity of the inspections and controls. of control, promptly implementing any prescriptions and indications.

Anti-money laundering, receiving stolen goods and anti-terrorism
Di Mano in Mano carries out its activity; in full compliance with the current anti-money laundering regulations of the provisions issued by the competent Authorities; Italian and foreign and to this end it undertakes to refuse to carry out suspicious transactions in terms of correctness and transparency.
Recipients are therefore required to check in advance the information available on commercial counterparts, suppliers, partners, collaborators and consultants, in order to ascertain their respectability. and the legitimacy of their business; before establishing business relationships with them.
The Recipients must avoid any involvement in operations suitable, even potentially, to favor the receipt or laundering of money and/or goods deriving from illegal activities. illegal or criminal, and act in full compliance with the law and internal control procedures.

Gifts, sponsorships and advertising
Only gifts and sponsorships of modest value directly attributable to normal commercial courtesy relations are permitted and, in any case, such as not to be able to generate, in the other party or in an unrelated and impartial third party, the impression that they are aimed at acquiring or granting undue advantages, or such as to give the impression of illegality in any case; or immorality. In any case, such gifts, gifts or sponsorships must always be made in accordance with the law. to company rules and documented in an appropriate manner.


Relationships with the Community Premises
The Cooperative carries out its activity on a daily basis. pursuing community improvement goals; in which it is established and creates virtuous synergies with it. Therefore, Di Mano in Mano respects and contributes to the development of the economic and social fabric of the local communities. Premises in which it operates and acts.
The Cooperative considers the equity of the social and solidarity; distinctive values ​​of the relationship between people and places them at the foundation of its initiatives of job offers aimed at helping people in difficulty.
Di Mano in Mano considers transparency and fairness in relations to be fundamental values; it therefore prohibits any intentional dissemination of false news both inside and outside the Cooperative, concerning it, its members, employees, collaborators employed in any capacity and third parties who work for it.

Relations with political parties and trade union organizations
Di Mano in Mano does not make contributions of any kind, directly or indirectly, to trade union organizations or political parties, nor to their representatives or candidates except in the forms and ways provided for by current regulations, and bases relations with them on principles of transparency, correctness and collaboration.


Di Mano in Mano considers correctness, completeness and transparency as essential rules in accounting records, according to the criteria indicated by the law and accounting standards.
In the business of accounting of facts relating to the management of the Cooperative, employees and collaborators are required to scrupulously comply with current legislation and internal procedures so that each operation is not only correctly recorded, but also authorised, verifiable, legitimate, consistent and congruous. All documentation respects the principles of truthfulness, clarity, precision, completeness and immediate traceability. Recipients who become aware of faults and defects in the records or documentation, produced or received, are required to immediately notify the Administrative Manager. Furthermore, it is forbidden to issue invoices or other tax documents equivalent to them for operations that are objectively or subjectively non-existent; it is also it is forbidden to receive them and record them in accounting; in order to
use them in tax returns to evade income or value added taxes.
The directors, employees and collaborators are required to act with transparency and the Statutory Auditors to provide them with maximum collaboration in carrying out their respective activities. of verification and control, avoiding any form of potential pressure aimed at influencing the judgment.
Di Mano in Mano complies with current legislation on taxation, in Italy and in the foreign countries in which it operates and undertakes to promptly communicate the information required by law, in order to guarantee the correct determination of taxes. It also undertakes to comply with current customs legislation. This is in order to guarantee the exact  determination of the border duties due for the import or export operation and the correct fulfillment of the obligation deriving therefrom.


Protection of privacy and confidential information
Di Mano in Mano protects the privacy and confidentiality of the company. of the information and data, belonging to employees, collaborators or third parties, collected on the basis of or during the performance of the activity; working environment, and every employee and collaborator is required to comply with these principles.
The Cooperative also requires compliance with the regulations on the protection of privacy and guarantees, in accordance with the provisions of the law, the confidentiality of the information in its possession.

Information security
The personnel involved in any capacity in the operations of managing the IT data present in the Di Mano in Mano server and in the use of the available software, as well as those who are authorized to use Internet navigation tools are required to use data, IT equipment and software within the limits strictly necessary for the execution of the activities; (administration, database management, etc.), of the practices and works to be performed and developed.
The activity is computer science will have to be implemented by each person using their own credentials and refraining both from accessing computer systems using credentials or authorizations from third parties, and from providing any other person with their access credentials to computer systems.
The staff must refrain from carrying out activities that are not allowed to take place in fraudulent information technology.


The protection of health and safety at work
Di Mano in Mano considers the safety and health of workers as one of its top priorities; and makes an intense and continuous commitment to ensure their well-being.
The Cooperative is; always committed to spreading a culture of safety for its personnel and third parties, regardless of any economic considerations.
The “health and safety at work” must always be present at all operational and decision-making levels with the conscious need to of continuous improvement.

In particular, the key principles on which the Di Mano in Mano safety management system is based are:
- the responsibility in safety management it extends to the entire corporate hierarchy, starting from the employer up to every single worker, each according to their own duties and responsibilities;
- the awareness and training of members, employees and collaborators so that in carrying out the activities; in any case ensure compliance with national and community legislation and regulations relating to health and safety at work and adopt the most appropriate measures; adequate to minimize the risks associated with such activities;
- the Cooperative undertakes to promote the culture of safety and prevention, continuously informing and training its staff; all workers are required to take the necessary precautions for preventive purposes and, where appropriate, to raise awareness among their colleagues and third parties;
- within the organisation, some specific resources are identified who are entrusted with the responsibility of to apply the company guidelines on occupational health and safety;
- the necessary personnel and infrastructures are made available to guarantee conditions of safety;
- the health of workers is constantly kept under control through an adequate health surveillance plan;
- education, information and training plans are envisaged for workers and the corporate functions responsible for guaranteeing safety and health in the workplace;
- workers are involved in the application of the basic principles of prevention and protection and are made aware of feeling personally responsible for their own safety, health and well-being and that of their colleagues;
- external personnel and subjects in occupational therapy regimen or who carry out traineeship at the Cooperative are also protected during the activities; which it carries out at the Cooperative's facilities;
- all safety laws are carefully observed;
- it is particular attention was paid to communication both inside and outside the Cooperative;
- every accident, near miss or potentially dangerous event is punctually recorded and analyzed in order to avoid the recurrence of the event;
- the use of preventive actions or improvement plans aimed at improving working conditions and reducing risks for workers is promoted.

The protection of the environment
Di Mano in Mano pays the utmost attention to respecting and protecting the environment and considers it the duty of each employee to collaborate, in order to improve the quality of their work. of life and civilized living by pursuing sustainable development to safeguard future generations.
The Cooperative considers the environment and nature as fundamental values ​​and the heritage of all, to be protected and defended, and to this end it places the maximum effort in directing its activity towards the future. compliance with these principles.
The Cooperative is; aware that corporate protection is achieved by raising awareness, empowering and involving personnel at all levels and consists in managing all aspects connected to the impact on the environment and the protection of the territory; to this end, Di Mano in Mano undertakes to ensure that the laws and regulations in force regarding the environment are respected;


Disciplinary system
Di Mano in Mano, through the organs and functions to what; specially appointed, provides for the imposition, with coherence, impartiality and uniformity, sanctions proportionate to violations of this Code and compliant with current provisions on the subject of the regulation of employment and contractual relationships.
The measures against the directors and employees deriving from the violation of the ethical principles and rules of conduct referred to in this Code are those provided for by the applicable labor legislation in force National Collective Labor Agreements).
Any conduct by consultants, collaborators, agents, suppliers, business partners and other counterparties connected to the Cooperative by a non-employee contractual relationship and, in any case not subject to management or supervision, in violation of the provisions of this Code , will be able to determine, in the most serious cases, also the termination of the contractual relationship, without prejudice to any request for compensation if this behavior causes damage to the Cooperative.
Di Mano in Mano guarantees more; communication channels that allow the subjects indicated in the art. 5, paragraph 1, letters a) and b) of Legislative Decree 231/01, to submit detailed reports of illegal conduct, relevant pursuant to and for the purposes of Law 30/11/2017 n. 179 (so-called Whistleblowing Discipline), based on precise and concordant factual elements, or violations of the Organization and Management Model, of which they have become aware due to the functions performed.
Di Mano in Mano guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the customer. of the whistleblower in the activities; management of the report and prohibits acts of retaliation or discrimination, direct or indirect, against the whistleblower, for reasons directly or indirectly connected to the report.
The Cooperative guarantees, in the disciplinary system adopted, sanctions against those who violate the protection measures of the whistleblower, as well as the of those who intentionally or grossly negligent make reports that turn out to be unfounded.

Communication of the Code
Di Mano in Mano provides the most wide dissemination of the Code of Ethics.
It is required that its employees and collaborators know and observe, as far as they are responsible, the provisions of the Code of Ethics and that, compatibly, they promote knowledge of it among newly hired employees as well as those from third parties affected by its application, with whom they come into contact in the performance of their duties.
All those who collaborate with Di Mano in Mano, without distinction or exception, are in fact committed to ensuring that the principles of this Code are observed. In no way can he act for the benefit of the Cooperative. justify the adoption of behaviors, even achieved with omissive conduct and in possible competition with others, in contrast with the legislation and with these principles.
In particular, all directors, employees and collaborators are required to operate so that these rules are adequately applied both within the Cooperative and, in general, by all its interlocutors. The corporate bodies and managers also have the duty to be the first to provide an example of consistency between the principles of the Code of Ethics and daily conduct.
The body appointed to supervise the application of the Code and to promote its diffusion and knowledge is the Di Mano in Mano Supervisory Body which coordinates appropriately with the competent bodies and functions for the correct implementation and adequate control of the principles of the Code of Ethics.
Any violation or suspected violation must be communicated, in writing and not anonymously, to the competent Supervisory Body via:
- letter in sealed envelope to be sent or delivered to the headquarters of the Cooperative for the attention of the Supervisory Body
- dedicated e-mail address.
The Supervisory Body evaluates the reports received and the cases in which it is necessary. need to activate.
Reporters in good faith are protected against any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalisation; in any case it will be; guaranteed the confidentiality of the identity; of the whistleblower, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of Di Mano in Mano and of persons accused erroneously or unfoundedly.